Rachel Pops 
Certified Success & Relationship Coach

with Covenant Coach Academy 
and Destiny Global

Heir of Eden Retreat

- 3 Day Women's Intimate Luxury Mountain Retreat -

Summer 2023
7 keys to freedom and a fulfilling, peaceful life...

and it's NOT what you think!

In just 3 days, 
your life will be completely transformed
 What if it can be easy, exciting, fulfilling and peaceful?
Have you ever wondered how there are so many success strategies (that work for other people) but never seem to work for you?

What if it has nothing to do with which strategies you're using, who your family is, how much money you make, what your weaknesses are, or what your health looks like...

 and everything to do with understanding and aligning with the spiritual laws?

In just 3 days, you'll:

  • Discover the 3 things that have been hindering your results
  • Feel a deep confidence in who you are
  • ​Experience peace and joy no matter what circumstances are in your life
  • Not feel trapped in your circumstances
  • ​​No longer be crushed by pain and suffering
  • ​Unlock the life you always wanted...only better!
  • ​No longer be held captive by stress, anxiety, fear, and depression
  • ​Uncover who you really are and your unique purpose
  • ​Build community and develop lifelong friendships with like-minded women
These keys work for everyone , no matter what kind of life you've had -
If you're a human, and you embrace these 7 keys, this will work for you. 
Maybe you've tried programs before and nothing has worked...how is this any different?

That's exactly what you will discover at the Eden Retreat. These truths are not on trial. They have been proven over and over and over...by everyone who uses them.

It doesn't matter who you are, how much support you have or don't have, or what your experience has been - these principles will completely transform every aspect your life.

This will challenge you on deep levels.

You'll build relationships, have fun, and leave with a different life!


"You become like the average of the 5 people you spend the most time with."


With Rachel Pops
and Guest Speakers


Walking you through your personal breakthrough
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